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“Dawson’s story is quite amazing… Think of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, minus the house and Ty Pennington is a blue man.  Recently I had the amazing opportunity to see Joshua Dawson in action.  If the picture has you doing a double take you are not alone.  I spent the day with him and couldn’t get over this “Genie.”

– David Sutta, CBS Miami

Joshua Dawson, father of two and lover of life, spends most his days on the road granting wishes calling Miami, Ottawa, St. John’s, or Galiano Island home depending on which day you ask.  A Gypsy by nature, this fun-loving Genie is on a mission - To bring peace on earth. 

He's blue. Kinda spooky. But really nice.

Joshua's favorite quote since being featured in more than 250 media stories in outlets including The New York Daily News, Miami Herald, FOX, NBC, ABC, CW and CBS.  As a TEDx presenter, he'll prove there could be peace on earth if we all did one thing - acted like a genie.

Serving Peace:  I Am Genie Foundation

This self-proclaimed servant of peace has also founded the I Am Genie Foundation whose mission is simple: inspire people to be more Genie-like and do good deeds.  Joshua and the Foundation have granted hundreds of wishes while inspiring thousands in over 60 plus cities throughout North America.


The Genie Story:  Man on a Mission: Joshua Dawson's father passed with Cancer at the early age of 54 and a genie was born.  After some soul searching, he decided to start doing something everyone thought was a little crazy by dressing like a blue genie granting wishes to people who help others.

While not relating to labels very much, Josh has amassed a diverse, unconventional (and certainly odd) roster:

  • World's first real-life genie
  • Father of two beautiful boys
  • TEDx Presenter
  • Writer
  • Media pro extraordinaire
  • Thai Scuba Diver
  • Entrepreneur
  • Stock Trader
  • VP of Marketing and Sales
  • Race Car Driver
  • Dreamer
  • Fighter jet Pilot
  • Freak
  • Principle Investment Advisor
  • Gypsy

Having received his Bachelor of Commerce in International Marketing in 1998, Josh has travelled the world living extensively in Canada, America, Australia and Ireland and England.  He sold his first business to Canada's largest travel company at 30 and has packed more into his now 37 years than most.

Download a Pdf Bio here:  BIO: Joshua Dawson

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